Born from the happy intuition of the Garzitto family, a historical name of timber in Friuli, the experience of teúkhō has its roots in the deep knowledge and love for wood, this extraordinary material that has always accompanied man in his history. And it is precisely from history, thousands of years old, that today we draw our design creations.

The essence of teukhò's designs derives from incredibly rare and unique fossil logs, not yet petrified, which date back to between 5000 to 6000 BC. These mineralized logs showcase distinctive characteristics of the wood; they assume a particular elasticity, colouring and texture that is impossible to reproduce artificially.

The charm of a material born in the mists of time is enhanced with modern design, technology, materials and manufacturing techniques. The result is teukhò's collection of hand-crafted furniture and accessories, unique objects shaped by nature over thousands of years and interpreted in a contemporary key by the teukhò's design team. Get hold of a unique work, produced with wood from a bygone era...

"The value of everything equals the amount of time it took you to get it."

–Henry David Thoreau


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