Since the beginning, Terzani has always viewed aesthetics as a way of interpreting natural and artistic beauty.

Born in Florence, Italy, the cradle of the Renaissance, the company was driven to follow the creative invocations of this magical city. When you look at a Terzani design, you can sense how its light enchantingly envelops the surrounding space. Itʼs more than simply a practical design, itʼs an aesthetic representing modern and artistic beauty through the use of design and innovative technologies. 

Terzani is elegant and sophisticated. Each lamp is an object, sculpture, intended to be fully integrated into its surroundings, infusing a charming and enchanting play of light. Thus creating a constant interaction between the lamp and the space around it. 

The feeling Terzani exudes is one of harmony and togetherness. Its products are grounded in the human process, transmitting the handmade artisan traditions of lovingly crafting objects piece by piece. This is the essence of Terzani, seeing beauty in the contemporary world, tradition and the search for new forms and languages.