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    Due to the bespoke nature of this product, standard FOC sampling is not available. If you would like to receive a material sample for this product to assess the look, feel and texture, these are available in stock here in the UK with random graphics printed on them. 

    All specific graphics' samples requests are chargeable, as they are prepared, printed and shipped to order directly from Italy. We recommend you use the digital files and HR images available for each graphic on the GLAMORA website for all initial phases of the project, moodboard creation, presentations, etc, and only order specific samples, if required, once you have narrowed down your selection.

    If you are looking for an initial material sample FOC, please CLICK HERE

    Please note that the same graphic will look very different on the different materials, so if printing a sample, always request this on the material you are planning to use.

    GLAMDECORGlamDecor is a wallcovering with non-woven backing and vinyl coated surface.This is the ideal wallpaper for covering walls, ceilings, doors and wardrobe doors simply and quickly. Produced using environmentally friendly, breathable and odourless inks, it is the ideal solution for any interior surface, from residential to commercial, hospitality and healthcare. 

    GLAMTRACE GlamTrace is the soft, nonwoven fabric wallcovering, produced with pressed cellulose fibre patterns. The thin, opaque material surface faithfully reproduces the chromatic effects. GlamTrace is the ideal product for covering walls, ceilings, doors and wardrobes in residential, commercial and hospitality environments.

    GLAMPURE: GlamPure is the organic nonwoven fabric made with plant-based raw materials, and is both environmentally-friendly and compostable. A fibrous material with a low thermal conductivity index attesting to its insulating and thermoregulating qualities. Thanks to its characteristics, GlamPure is the ideal solution for applications in residential and hospitality bio-architecture contexts: in fact, it has moisture absorption properties and insulating, thermoregulating, resistance and hypoallergenic characteristics.

    GLAMFUSION: GlamFusion® is the prefinished waterproof wallcovering that does not require any waterproofing application by the installer. GlamFusion® is the ideal solution for covering vertical internal surfaces (not doors) in residential and commercial environments subject to frequent stress (kitchens, gyms, wellness areas, accommodation) or with occasional direct exposure to water (bathrooms/showers, spas).