We have tried to summarise the most frequently asked questions here below. The likelihood is, you might not find the exact answer to your specific question  (I never do when I try! And frankly, human interaction is waaaay better!). 

So once you have had a scroll, if no luck (or out of patience) please feel free to get in touch....


Q. I haven't got an account with you, but I am a business...can I purchase direct from Seven Meadows?

A. Possibly! We vet all our account enquiries to make sure you are a genuine business operating within the interiors, architecture and construction businesses, either in the residential, commercial or leisure sectors. If you are a contractor in charge of procurement for a specified project, please make sure you send us all the relevant project information, including the specifying company, so that we can apply the project discount - should there be one. You can fill in the ACCOUNT REGISTRATION FORM or simply send us an email outlining your requirements, and we will get back to you - usually within 24 hrs.

Q. I can't see the prices and I cannot register as I am not a company...what do I do?

A. Seven Meadows is a B2B business only. Prices, as well as spec sheets, technical details and downloads, are only available to registered trade clients. We can only sell to genuine businesses, usually those operating within the interiors sector. Accounts are opened once the vetting process has been completed. If you are a private individual,  you can find a comprehensive list of retail dealers within our managed areas on the PRODUCTS DISPLAY & PARTNERS  page. if you cannot find what you are looking for, please get in touch either via email or telephone as we are here to help!

Q. Where can I see your products?

A. You can find a comprehensive list of items on display within our managed areas on the PRODUCTS DISPLAY page. The list includes both retailers' showrooms and installations in public spaces that you can visit, including the full list of items. Please note: displays can change, so we recommend that you double check with the premises if the items listed are still there before making the journey.

Q. Can I Order samples?

A. Yes - we are building a comprehensive samples library for most of our products. 

  • Where samples are available, you will find the options in the samples section - a link to this area is also available on the top menu bar and in the product page description. You can place the request and place your Free of Charge order directly through the platform (or give us ring if you prefer!). If the sample is with us here at the warehouse, we will dispatch this immediately. If the sample is out with a client at the time of your request, we will place your request in a queue and let you know when you can expect delivery. 
  • Where samples are NOT available, or you are struggling to find what you need, please contact us and ask - if we can, we will have one arranged with the manufacturer. This is how we build our samples' library after all!

Please note: most of our sampling is "loaned" out to you/your client. You will be informed of the Samples value, and you will be responsible for sending this back in the same condition as you have received it, within a set period of time. When samples are sent out on a loan-basis, if not returned or lost they will be invoiced at the standard cost of a replacement.

Q. Can I change the size and finish of a product? 

A. All manufacturers operate differently and even the super-flexible ones will still have restrictions on some ranges. Our suggestion is...ask! We will be able to advise - for example, if the product you are looking at won't fit in its standard form, and it cannot be adjusted, we might be able to suggest alternative solutions....worth a shot!

Q. What if I find a product cheaper elsewhere?

A. At Seven Meadows we work as official trade Agents and/or Distributors/Trade Partner for each of the brands on our portfolio. Our B2B responsibilities may be regional or UK-wide, depending on the brand (please click here for further details about the areas covered for each brand). There may be several reasons why you might have obtained a better quote:

  1. You have received a quote from another official UK trade partner: although we strive to operate a UK-wide pricing & discount structure and strategy for all brands, some trade partners might be able to offer you a better price as part of internal policies, such as quantity, project or loyalty discounts. By all means, we will look at the quote and, if you prefer to work with us, we might even be able to match it. But we would not want to get in competition with another official distributor - that would not fit with our working ethics.
  2. You are buying an ex-display or damaged item: occasionally, some showroom partners or distributors may promote items they have had in the showroom for a while, by selling them at particularly good prices. The fact that you are buying an ex-display item should, however, always be clearly advertised. If in doubt, just give us a ring.
  3. You are buying from another Country: various partners in Europe and indeed around the world have set up websites that "appear" to be in the UK, but aren't. They even have a UK telephone number for customer service, usually redirecting to their H.Q. in their own Country. if this is the case, prices may appear cheaper as they do not include any import and clearance costs and these would fall on you as the importer (together with all the paperwork that goes with it). The good news is....once you take into account the full amount including import and clearance costs, we can usually match the price (ex VAT) from any non-UK company, so please do get in touch!
  4. You have been quoted for fake goods: it can happen! If the price is "too good to be true", you should always stop, think and investigate further before purchasing. 

In short...we are always happy to take a look at your quote and advise accordingly. Wherever possible, we will match the price you have been offered.

Q. My client has found the product online cheaper than I can buy it from you...

A. Well...it can happen, thankfully now rarely and there is usually a straightforward answer. Same reasons as above - please forward us your client's quote so we can advise if they have been priced for genuine goods from a reputable UK company.

Q.Why are most pricelists in €?

A. Offering the best price for every product is key to our reputation and success. By maintaining the manufacturer's own official pricelist and offering a daily conversion rate (always guaranteed for 1 week) we can avoid charging you the "buffer-fee" that a yearly UK pricelist in Pounds would require. Minimising risks for us, and improving the actual trade discount % for you, it works well for everyone! It might just be a few pounds on a small order, but on larger orders, our customers often see savings of hundreds of £!  Plus, we offer a dual payment facility (€ or GBPs) so you will always have the freedom to choose - for example, if you are accustomed to using a broker for your payments in foreign currencies, and they offer you a better exchange rate than ours, then you get the chance to save even more. Please remember that even if you pay in € to our Italian account, you are in fact still purchasing from a UK entity, and standard UK VAT is always payable.


Q. Do all your lights work in the UK?

A. All cabling and transformers are certified to work in the EU. The electric grid is slightly different from Country to Country though, so we will usually advise you if a particular light might be more at risk of requiring LED replacements or if a surge protector might be required. All table and floor lamps will come with a UK plug or plug adaptors.

Q. We need the lights to dim - will they work with our dimming system? 

A. Usually, if the light mounts E14, E27 or G9s bulbs (halogen or dimmable LED), you won't have any issues. If you are looking at an Integrated LED, however, please do check with your dimming switch or home automation system's supplier to make sure they are able to "talk" with our product. You might need to supply your tech-guys with further information (transformer/driver spec sheets for example) - in this case just ask us and we will get this for you! If you are ever unsure, we recommend you double check - we are here to help!

Q. I have an idea in mind for a chandelier, but cannot find the right one...

A. We develop lighting products with you, based on your idea, design and spec. If you are thinking of starting the process, you might like to download the bespoke lighting check-sheet, and start by finding out the answers to the key questions we will need to get started. 


Q. Are all upholstered products certified for the UK market?

A. All upholstered products on our website will carry the relevant BSFR Certifications. Some Contract certifications may require checking. Please check the spec sheet in the Technical Details PRODUCT section where all available certifications are listed.

Q. Are modular wardrobes and media walls fully bespokeable? 

A. Pretty much yes....our modular ranges from Novamobili, NIDI and our won brands cover most options. They are "modular", so by definition certain elements cannot be cut (usually metal frames and glass), but pretty much everything else can, so you can obtain a "fitted look" usually for a much better price than a fully bespoke piece of fitted cabinetry.


Q. The modular wardrobes and units seem to have so many options - can you help? 

A. Of course! That's what we are here for. These products have traditionally always reached the market through Furniture specialist stores, which offer the full design service, but very little in terms of trade discounts, making it difficult for designers and developers to make the right margins. . We have paired with the manufacturers to fill precisely this gap. Perhaps you can start by downloading our Guide to ordering Modular Furniture to better understand the steps and timelines and start collating the information required for your project.


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