Rakumba presents Metropol by Sebastian Herkner

Rakumba presents Metropol by Sebastian Herkner

A lighting collection both bold and refined in its purity of form.

Rakumba kicks off the first of its 2020 lighting releases with Metropol, an elegant and versatile collection designed in collaboration with internationally renowned German designer, Sebastian Herkner.

“My vision for Metropol was for a decorative yet functional collection that is both sophisticated and simple. Like a pearl hanging from a thread, Metropol begins with a single lamp,” said Mr Herkner. “What I think is really fascinating in the design is that there are many possibilities for arranging it. From a minimal wall version to a pendant, to the iconic grandeur of the chandelier setting,” said Mr Herkner.

Central to Metropol’s design is the distinctive trifoliate form in combination with the innovative use of light. Where shadows would normally exist along the converging line of each form, Rakumba with Mr Herkner has worked their ‘lighting magic’, using these fine seams to wrap a beautiful, soft cast of light around the luminaire.

It is a memorable ‘a-ha’ moment for anyone viewing the light for the first time, said Rakumba Managing Director, Michael Murray.

“The narrative of Metropol is the trifoliate form itself,” said Mr Murray. “It references natural botanical patterns with its beautiful curves, and cleverly reinterprets familiar architectural forms. The inner light-emitting column illuminates the glass tube from the sides, capturing light and casting reflections of remarkable beauty.”

As a multi-award-winning designer, Mr Herkner is one of the global design industry’s fastest rising stars.

Metropol, conceived and developed in close collaboration with Rakumba, marks Mr Herkner’s firstpartnership with an Australian design brand.

Mr Herkner’s initial design concept for Metropol was “boldly simple, yet somehow highly distinctive, born from his intuitive and visionary approach to design, and his extensive knowledge of the commercial design market”, said Rakumba Head of Design, Dan Treacy. Harnessing the technical and production expertise of Rakumba’s in-house design team, the collection quickly took form.

“Metropol’s strength is in its quiet charisma. Its design is one of intricacy and sophistication. Rather than overpowering a space, it leaves room for the architecture to stand out, making it a particularly versatile lighting collection,” said Mr Treacy.

Through its modular design and refined finishes, Metropol finds its full creative potential in the hands of the architect and designer. Its clever form delivers beauty as a sophisticated wall sconce or as stacked singles, doubles and triples – suspended as simple pendants or curated into organic groupings and grand chandeliers.

The collection comprises four standard colourways with anodised metal finishes in timeless Black or luxurious Golden. The glass luminaire sheds a beautiful, pure light in Frosted White, or a warm, moody light in Frosted Pink.

Metropol is available with a standard two-week lead time and can be made in custom finishes for special projects.