The Facets of Metal in a Natural Finish Ultra Thin Ceramic Tile

The Facets of Metal in a Natural Finish Ultra Thin Ceramic Tile

Ultra Thin ceramic large format stoneware slabs reproducing the facets of metal in a natural finish. 

Available in two large formats measuring 300x100 cm and 100x100 with a 5.5 mm thickness. Unique production techniques and glass fibres create durable, superior-quality thin ceramic slabs. Richly coloured with a high-definition ink jet system based on a high number of carefully selected graphic combinations in the two colours shown here; Corten and Iron.

Suitable for public and residential sector, interior settings as well as the cladding of external facades. High quality with excellent performance, resistance, and aesthetics with high environmental sustainability. 

Manufactured in Italy they have an antibacterial shield incorporated into the product, eliminating most bacteria. The result is a protected surface, offering hygienic performance that is resistant to wear and changing climate conditions. The manufacturer holds the first certified patent for the 'Kerlite Easy' dry installation system making it a practical and cost-effective solution. And for peace of mind, the ultra-thin slabs compensate for 100% of their CO2 emissions: making them the world’s most sustainable ceramic surface. You can read more about the sustainability and health of Ultra Thin Tiles here

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