JACARANDA launches Beautiful two-tone Arani & Almora

JACARANDA launches Beautiful two-tone Arani & Almora

Jacaranda’s beautiful new Arani & Almora carpets and rugs are defined by their strikingtwo-tone linear textures. Jacaranda’s owner and Managing Director, Richard Meager has drawn on 20 years of colour in interior design, to bring his flair for soft stylish tones into a bolder palette.

Arani has all the timeless shades Jacaranda is synonymous with, while Almora offers more colourful hues. Almora retains the popular blues, greens & greys, but introduces statement shades like monochrome, canary, amber & oriole.

Added to Arani & Almora’s eclectic colour range, is a characterful cut & loop texture, woven on traditional handlooms. Richard was the first to bring hand-woven broadloom to Britain and at Jacaranda we still love the originality of textiles made by hand. They have so much more character than machine made, mass produced carpets or rugs.

Lastly, it is shine that defines Arani & Almora, the pile catches and reflects the light like velvet. The two-tone texture is woven from shiny TENCEL™for which Lenzing AG won the ‘European Award for the Environment’ owing to exceptionally low emissions, as the wood from sustainably grown forests is transformed into silk-like fibres. Lenzing AG prove that innovation and the environment can go hand in hand, and Jacaranda believes in creating beauty that lasts, in sustainable textures.

Jacaranda will stock Almora in 4m and Arani in 4 & 5m carpet widths,and rugs sized 200x300cm, 250x350cm & 300x400cm. Rugs can also be colour matched and made-to-measure.

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