Easy Flooring Renovations with Kerlite Dry Lay Floating System for Ceramic Tiles

Easy Flooring Renovations with Kerlite Dry Lay Floating System for Ceramic Tiles

True innovation, a new system that drastically reduces the time it takes to install and/or uninstall flooring.

A system that makes it possible to clad and renovate spaces without demolishing floors, as it can be laid on pre-existing surfaces. A unique laying method installed without adhesive, and its exclusive use with ultra-thin tiles, reinforced with fiberglass makes it stronger than any other traditional laying system.

Simple, Just Three Components

1 Choose your tiles - There are over 145 kerlite compatible tiles which include popular looks such as wood, marble, cement, and stone. Kerlite Tiles are thin (5.5 or 6.5mm), light, and 3x more resistant than traditional tiles. Take a quick look HERE.

2 Kerlite 'Silent' Mat - Comes in rolls of 1 metre in width, 10 metres in length, and a thickness of 1.5mm. Ready to use, peel off the film and lay. It's a sound-absorbing mat, reducing sound by 17 decibels creating a full sound.

Filler- fill the joints with the compatible sealant. It's silicon based comes in regular cartridges, mould resistant, and allows laying without expansion joints.

Exclusive Benefits

PRACTICAL - Makes it possible to create an overlying ceramic surface without demolishing the old floor.

AFFORDABLE - Provides significant savings as compared to a standard renovation.

STABLE - The fibreglass mesh on the reverse side of Kerlite slabs combined with the SILENT mat and the FILLER sealant ensures the utmost resistance and stability to the floor.

EASY - KERLITE EASY is a new laying method for ceramic tiles which is a consolidated system already commonly used for laminated products.

WATERPROOF - With the combined use of Kerlite slabs and FILLER sealant, the floor is guaranteed to be entirely waterproof.

SUSTAINABLE - CO2-Neutral Ceramic Slabs. Building material choices are decisive in their impact on the environment. Check sustainability credentials and goals HERE

QUALITY Meets Building Certifications and the System is guaranteed for 10 years.

Ideal for all interior spaces from residential, hotels, and offices and fast changing environments like exhibition spaces and pop-up retail.

You can watch a quick installation video HERE

We are actively looking to work with UK developers interested in high-quality flooring solutions with the benefits of trade or contract pricing. Please email us to arrange an appointment, call or video meeting at admin@sevenmeadows.co.uk or 01765 774077