A Guide to Natural Sicilian Stone

A Guide to Natural Sicilian Stone

Diaspro is a prestigious Italian marble, extracted only from Sicily. It's especially good as a building material and perfect for countertops, sinks, coping, sills, interior, exterior, wall, floor, and paving.

Projects Photographed; Sink counter marble from Coppola, Dolce & Gabanna Roma and Milan stored both by Carbondale Architects

Referred to as "Diaspri di Sicilia" in Italian, Sicilian Jaspers are hard stones from the quartz family. They reveal themselves in a multitude of colour and pattern variations but are always warm, lively, and bright. They range from red to ochre, from pink to green. 

Where, along the same vein, the intrusions of red, white, and pink become prevalent, and the appearance is more "fragmented" we classify the blocks as "brecciati" - please see our Breccia Pontificia product page HERE for further information.

Seven Meadows offers these natural Italian Stones as contract items, the manufacturer/quarry doesn't operate under a "brand" umbrella. 

Sicilian Breccia Pontificia and Sicilian Jaspers in blocks and slabs. Slabs are available individually, some in book-matched pairs. we can talk through the process, options, and available finishes. Our Sicilian slabs are usually medium/large size (200cm+ by 100cm+) and vary substantially in pattern and coloration, with the orangy warm tone as the prevalent colour, alongside intrusions of white, red, and pink. 

Please CONTACT US to discuss any upcoming projects requiring Sicilian Marble and we can show you more.