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    Seemingly alive, Atlantis’ shimmering light creates a vibrant source of energy. Its mesmerizing, organic effect is created by hundreds of illuminated lengths of draped, nickel chain. Like water in the ocean, Atlantis’ chains appear liquid, cascading over its gloss nickel bands and falling down towards the abyss before turning back into itself. Atlantis is composed of almost three miles of chain, meticulously hand-crafted by master Italian artisans. 

    Design Barlas Baylar.

    TECHNICAL NOTE: The Altantis has an adjustable suspension chain that can be tricky to cut on site - please remember to give us the exact measurement for the overall drop (ceiling to lower tip of the chain)  so we can have it pre-cut at production point. alternatively, chain links may remain "hanging" if too long - this is especially useful if you are either unsure or looking to 

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