Our Story, Our Team...

This adventure started in 2012. Having moved a couple of years earlier from London to North Yorkshire following the birth of my child, I found myself really missing the Interiors' world. I had truly enjoyed my time working at one of the most prestigious Chelsea Harbour Design Center's showrooms whilst in London, and started longing for a way back....

It soon became apparent that the best way to balance a meaningful family life and a satisfying career, whilst enjoying the amazing outdoors we were suddenly immersed in as well as spending enough time with the other side of my family in Italy, was to set up my own business. I got involved in various ventures until suddenly an opportunity arose to work as an Agent for a high-end group of fabric brands...it was my way back into the industry!  And I took it, and ran with it.

The Agency grew, expanded and developed. Elena joined in 2018 (and thank goodness I found her!) and became Director of Operations by September 2019. Together, we picked out all the things we loved, and that we knew worked well for manufacturers, clients and agents alike, and lined them up next to the things that we realised did not quite work well for one reason or other - those historically underlying issues that seem engraved deep into the structure of every long-standing industry. Those things that "you do not change, because that's not how things are done"...well - tell us that we can't do something, and you have given us a challenge! 

It will come as no surprise that we are strong supporters of flexible work. We all have families, we all have lives, and we all believe that work opportunities should not, in this day and age, be limited by physical location restrictions and that work should be mostly enjoyable and never a burden...so our team has been "deconstructed" since long before 2020 - we make use of the best digital tools to successfully work from 5 different locations across 3 Countries....and we all love it!

Today, what started as a standard one-(wo)man agency has become an innovative trade distribution platform, where brands are managed in an empathetic way with varying degrees of exclusivity, actively sustained and promoted in a non-competitive environment and selected as much based on the beauty and quality of their creations, as they are for the ethics and attitudes of their people. This ensures that excellent products are delivered with great service; it allows us to protect the projects of those who work hard at actively specifying and promoting our brands' beautiful products; and to develop systems that reduce the margin of error on every order and, if any issues arise, to resolve them smoothly and quickly and without frictions.

Although compromise is often necessary to successfully navigate the world of business - any business - there are some core principles we must always keep at the forefront of every interaction. We have summarised our ideals on a mission statement, which you can view here. And we have exciting plans for the future....

So whether you are a new client, or a manufacturer looking for representation, and you feel you align with our way of thinking and working, we would love to hear from you...

Yara Gremoli

"Trust is the glue of life" 

Stephen Covey


Founder, CEO and Director of Sales

Having started the company in 2012, Yara remains the main port of call for all products and brands presentations, collections updates, team products training, CPD presentations & project planning.

M: +44 (0)7880 627 413
EM: yara@sevenmeadows.co.uk


Director of Operations

Elena joined Seven Meadows in early 2018, bringing with her a wealth of experience in customer service, company operations & logistics, as well as a true passion for Interiors.

M: +44 (0)7852 495311
EM: elena@sevenmeadows.co.uk


Customer Service

Valentina joined the team in June 2018 and has been helping us look after customers' enquiries since.

Tel: 01765 774077
EM: valentina@sevenmeadows.co.uk


New Business Development & PA

Carolyn joined us as a PA to the Sales Director in 2019 and has been helping us make sense of digital diaries and find the best time slots for introductions, CPD presentations and library updates.  If you require introductory or information materials, or would like to arrange a meeting with a member of the team, you can contact Carolyn at the number or email below:

DL: 01765 647669
EM: carolyn@sevenmeadows.co.uk


CRM & Social Media

Ileana is Yara's younger sister - she joined the team as a CRM operative in 2017 and now looks after all our clients' data in the background, making sure all information we hold for you is up to date. She also manages the media libraries and Social media Platforms, so if you have seen a beautiful piece on Instagram, that's usually all her doing!

EM: ileana@sevenmeadows.co.uk


Furniture Design, ADA & CAD Specialist

Francesca has been freelancing for Seven Meadows since 2018. As an Interiors Architect she has a wealth of experience on CAD on both residential and contract projects. She has undertaken the ADA software training and can make your modular furniture sketches come to life with 2D drawings and 3D renderings.

EM: francesca@sevenmeadows.co.uk


Partner & Director

Patrick is Yara's life partner (yeah, we are a bit of a family business!). He takes an active interest in the business but is not usually involved in the day-to-day operations. Patrick's passion for writing comes real handy in creating and reviewing our online & media content.

...did you like what you read and got that "warm feeling" about our work environment? If you think we might be the company for you and could be interested in joining our team, please drop us a personal email at hr@sevenmeadows.co.uk (it will be received by Elena and Yara), including your experiences and what really makes you tick...who knows, we might just be looking for you!